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Pre Rolled Cones Comparison

Cones comparison

There's nothing quite like smoking a joint. A joint is an art form, even if there are numerous perfectly appropriate methods to consume cannabis. They're easier to roll than you may imagine, but the added work makes smoking them that much more enjoyable.

It all starts with your preferred strain and the ideal rolling paper—and although you've probably got the cannabis covered, deciding on a paper among the many possibilities available might be difficult. However, once you've mastered the basics, you'll be on your way to finding your joint-rolling skill in no time.


Zetla Hemp Cones All Sizes Example

It's good to roll a hemp joint because you're basically putting more cannabis on top of the cannabis. Hemp papers are thinner, more durable, and simpler to roll than other plant fibers, and the mild flavor won't overpower your cannabis' natural flavor. They're a little more difficult to deal with than wood pulp, but they're an excellent place to start. Hemp is a very sustainable crop, making it a good choice for the environment as well.

Bleached paper

Zetla White Cones All Sizes Example

Most people use bleached paper because it burns slowly it takes more time to burn than the most of the papers. ‘’The sight of a huge, properly rolled, white joint with no wrinkles is a sight to behold, and rolling the perfect joint may even be called an art”. That's why people are smoking bleached rolling paper. 

Unbleached/brown paper

Zetla brown cones all sizes example

Unbleached paper is a way healthier way of smoking your cannabis because it doesn’t contain any chemicals etc. So for people who just started smoking its way better to use unbleached paper. ‘’Many respectable brands now make papers without chemical treatments or components that aid in combustion, lowering the potential for injury and aftertaste from your smoke’’. Unbleached simply implies that the papers have skipped this stage, resulting in a paper with the natural color of the fibers rather than a typical white appearance.

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