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Rolling a joint is an important part of weed culture. There are different ways to roll a joint, but the most common are with weed cones and rolling papers. Many people prefer weed cones because of the ease and speed of filling, while others prefer rolling papers because of the control and ability to adjust the size and shape of the joint. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the pros and cons of both options so you can decide what's best for your smoking experience.


What are weed cones?

Weed cones are pre-rolled paper or hemp shells. They come in standard joint sizes, in various styles and often come with a filter tip. Weed cones are becoming increasingly popular because of the ease of filling and minimizing mess and waste.

Pros of Weed Cones

There are several benefits to using weed cones for your joint:

  • Easy to fill: The biggest advantage of weed cones is how easy they are to fill. Since they are already pre-rolled, all you need to do is put the weed in the shell and pack it down. This makes the process much faster and simpler than rolling a joint with rolling papers.
  • Minimizes mess: Weed cones minimize the mess and waste that often come with rolling a joint with rolling papers. Since the shell is already pre-rolled, you don't have to fuss with loose papers and tobacco, and there is less waste left over after smoking the joint.
  • Smoking is easier: Because weed cones are already pre-rolled, smoking a joint is also easier. You don't have to spend time perfecting the shape and size of the joint and can instead focus on enjoying the smoking experience.

Cons of Weed Cones

While there are many advantages to using weed cones, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  • Less control: Because the weed cones are already pre-rolled, you have less control over the size and shape of the joint. If you want a specific size or shape, you may need to look for another option, like rolling papers.
  • Can become boring: Because it is so easy to use weed cones, it can become boring. If you want more of a challenge, rolling papers might be a better choice.

What are rolling papers?

Rolling papers are a paper product used to roll a joint. They come in various sizes and can be made from rice, hemp, flax or wood pulp. The main advantage of rolling papers is the control you have over the size and shape of the joint.


Pros of Rolling Papers

Here are some benefits of using rolling papers:

  • Control: The biggest advantage of using rolling papers is the control you have over the size and shape of the joint. You can adjust the size and shape of the joint to your liking.
  • Cheaper: Rolling papers are typically cheaper than pre-rolled weed cones. If you are on a tight budget, rolling papers may be a better option.
  • Suitable for special occasions: If you have a special occasion and want to roll a joint that looks special, rolling papers are the best option. You can experiment with different sizes and shapes and let your creativity run wild.

Cons of Rolling Papers

There are also some disadvantages to using rolling papers:

  • More work: Rolling a joint with rolling papers takes more time and effort than using weed cones. It can take some time to get the right technique down.
  • More mess: Using rolling papers can also result in more mess than using weed cones. You need to have tobacco, rolling papers, and other supplies on hand and after rolling the joint, there is often more waste left over than with weed cones.
  • Less discreet: If you are on the go and want to smoke a joint, rolling a joint with rolling papers may be less discreet than using a pre-rolled weed cone.


Weed Cones vs. Rolling Papers: What Should You Choose?

If you are new to weed culture, using weed cones is probably the best option. They are easier to use and require less technical skill than rolling a joint with rolling papers.

If you are experienced in rolling joints and have the technique down, rolling papers may be the better option. It gives you more control over the size and shape of the joint and can be used to impress friends or celebrate a special occasion.


Conclusion: Rolling Papers vs. Weed Cones

Weed cones and rolling papers are both popular options for rolling a joint. Weed cones offer the convenience and speed of being pre-rolled, while rolling papers offer the ability to adjust the size and shape of the joint. When choosing between weed cones and rolling papers, consider your level of experience, desired control over the size and shape of the joint, and how discreet you want to be.

If you are new to weed culture and looking for convenience, weed cones are likely the best choice. If you are more experienced and looking for more control, rolling papers are the better option. If you are looking for the most discreet option, pre-rolled weed cones are the best choice.

The most important thing is to choose the option that best fits your needs and smoking experience. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to use safe and high-quality products to ensure the best smoking experience.

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