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Difference between Spliff, Joint and Blunt

Is the spliff, joint and blunt not the same?

Definitely NOT, although all contain weed. Different names for different smoking needs.

What's the major difference?

It's all about rolling it with paper or leaf, and mixing with tobacco or not.

Check our table below with the details.

  Spliff Blunt Joint
Contains Cannabis  ✔  ✔  ✔
Contains Tobacco  ✔  ✔  ✘
 Paper Wrapping  ✔  ✘  ✔
 Leaf Wrapping  ✘  ✔  ✘

What's better?

That's a tricky question, as it depends on personal expectation, weed quality, ease to access it and tobacco preferences.


Mixture of cannabis and tobacco rolled with rolling papers. When it comes to spliffs, it's the most chosen way to smoke due to lower cost than blunt or joints. Specially, in areas where cannabis is prohibited and its more difficult to find the highest quality.

What is an advantage following this method?

Definitely low cost and difference smoking experiences, as it includes nicotine that influence level of high

Is there any disadvantage following this method?

Obviously there is one, as tobacco is highly addictive and cause a lot of health issues. Therefore, it's a bit healthier to choose blunts or joints.


Similar to spliffs are rolled with rolling papers although contain only cannabis. Mostly chosen way by those who don't want to smoke tobacco. Although, rolling joints may be more difficult than it looks like, as it only contains weed that need more practice to achieve perfection.

What is an advantage of smoking joints?

Well, it seems to be a healthier way of smoking, as it doesn't contain tobacco

Is there any disadvantage of smoking joints?

It usually needs more practice before twisting prefect joints

The size of joints are similar to cigarettes' sizes, especially in US and slightly longer in Europe.


Blunts diverse from spliffs and joints that are rolled with wrap leaf (hemp). Smoking blunts are definitely for those who'd like to share. Moreover, instead of regular rolling paper there is hemp leaf wrap, which is larger and thicker. It can contains almost 2 grams of weeds, which makes it favorable for smoking in groups.

What is an advantage of smoking blunts?

Easy to share with others due to larger size than joints or spliffs.

Same as joints, it doesn't contain tobacco

Blunts burn slower than joints or spliffs

Is there any disadvantage of smoking blunts?

When it comes to the cost, blunts are the most expensive

Requires larger amount of weed, which sometimes is neither disadvantage or advantage in areas where cannabis is legalized.rolling joint

What to do if you cannot twist perfect joints or spliffs yet?

We've got perfect solution as Pre Rolled Cones, especially for those that would like simplify their way of rolling or achieve perfection with every joint.

For those who prefer blunts more than joints. We do have regular Pre Rolled Hemp Cones and flavored Hemp Cones. Find out more 

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