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A lighter is an essential item at home, in the office, or on the go. Whether you need a flame to light a hookah charcoal or to ignite your barbecue, we have the right lighter for you.

Our extensive range of lighters includes different types of lighters for various applications. Whether you're looking for a gas lighter, an electric lighter, a refillable lighter, or a disposable lighter, you can find it all in our webshop.

What types of lighters are there?

There are various types of lighters available on the market, each with their own characteristics and benefits. Below you will find an overview of the most common types of lighters:

Disposable Lighter

A disposable lighter is a cheap and simple option. These lighters are usually made of plastic and are intended for single-use. They are convenient to carry with you when you're on the go but have the disadvantage of burning out quickly and not being refillable.

Refillable Lighter

A refillable lighter is a more sustainable option. These lighters are usually made of metal and can be refilled with gas or gasoline. This type of lighter lasts longer and is therefore more environmentally friendly than disposable lighters.

Storm Lighter

A storm lighter is a special type of lighter that is resistant to wind and rain. These lighters often have a powerful flame that doesn't easily go out, even in extreme conditions.

Electric Lighter

An electric lighter uses an electric charge to create fire. This type of lighter has the advantage of not needing gas or gasoline, making it safer. However, electric lighters are more expensive to purchase than other types of lighters.

What should you consider when buying a lighter?

When purchasing a lighter, there are a few important factors to consider. Below is an overview of these factors:


The fuel used by a lighter is an important factor to consider. There are lighters that work with gas, gasoline, or electricity. Consider which type of lighter best suits your needs.


Safety is an important factor when choosing a lighter. When buying a lighter, pay attention to the safety regulations and any certifications that the lighter may have.


The quality of the lighter is an important point to consider when making your choice. Preferably, choose a lighter of good quality to ensure that it lasts long and functions well.


The price of a lighter can vary greatly depending on the type of lighter and its quality. Consider how much you are willing to spend and what you expect to get in return.


Finally, the design of the lighter is also a factor to consider. Choose a lighter that matches your personal style and preferences.

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