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Fruity Bongs - DIY

Are you tired of smoking your cannabis in the same way every time? Are you looking for a fun, low-cost alternative? Continue reading to learn how to build a DIY bong out of something as basic as fruit!

When it comes to building a bong out of fruit, all you need to know is what components go where and how to navigate the fruit. To build your DIY bong, you may use almost any fruit you wish. We'll start with a short overview of the components of a bong before moving on to the various fruits that can be used.

Parts of a bong

Chamber: The smoke rises via this (usually) straight portion of the bong before you inhale it.
Base: This is where the water goes to chill the smoke and increase the flavor.
Carburetor: This is a hole on the bong's side that allows you to inhale smoke while also cooling it down and increasing airflow.
Bowl: This is where your marijuana will be stored.
Downstem: This section permits smoke to go from the bowl to the base, through the water, and up through the bong.

Now that you know what each section of the bong is for, attempt to replicate its form using fruit. To achieve the complete bong experience, you'll need big fruits into which you may pour some water. Pineapple, melon, apple, coconut, and pumpkin are the fruits we'll be using.

To make your own fruit bong, you'll need the following items:

If you want to get the greatest results, you'll need a number of products and accessories.

  1. Bong bowl
  2. Downstem (unless you have a bowl + stem combo)
  3. 3-5cm tube for inhaling
  4. Straight edge 20cm blade
  5. Power drill
  6. Drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the downstem
  7. 8-10mm drill bit for the carburetor and inhalation tube
  8. Spoon
  9. Plate
  10. Bottled water
  11. Bowl/basin to work in

This list includes everything you'll need to effectively construct a bong out of virtually any fruit, however you may get fantastic results without all of these items if you know what you're doing. It's time to choose your fruit and start building a bong once you've gathered all of your components.

How to make a pineapple bong

The first DIY bong we'll look at is a pineapple bong, which is a tropical classic. These bongs are a lot of fun, and they also make wonderful decorations if you're artistic; you can customize them in any manner you want. Your pals will be giddy with excitement to taste it.

  1. Remove the pineapple's top, which will serve as your lid. Make the slice as straight as possible.
  2. Using the spoon, empty the pineapple till you need to use the knife.
  3. With the tools you've chosen, make a hole in the lid (the drill or even a corkscrew)
  4. Connect this hole to the inhalation tube you'll be using.
  5. Make a second hole slightly above the upper part of the pineapple's center. You'll be placing your downstem here, so try to slant it downwards. Make sure the downstem's bottom extends deep enough into the water to allow it to sit in the water.
  6. Fill the downstem with bottled water until it is around 2-3cm deep in the water.
  7. You can create a small hole in the top part of the pineapple if you want to skip this step.

These are the seven steps you'll need to follow to create your own beautiful, tropical pineapple bong. Now all you have to do is fill the bowl with your preferred marijuana or herbal blend and enjoy your pineapple bong!

How to make a melon bong

Melon bongs are one of the most popular alternative bongs since they're generally the most readily accessible fruit and relatively simple to transform into a bong - making holes in them is simple, and emptying them is much simpler.

  1. The lid is the first item you'll need to create. Cut the melon in half just above the halfway point and use your spoon to remove any pips from the interior.
  2. Remove the top of the stem to provide a smooth surface to work with.
  3. Make a hole for the downstem and bowl in the top of the lid.
  4. Make a second hole for the tube on the lid's side.
  5. Using the spoon, completely empty the melon and fill it with water until it reaches the stem.
  6. You may drill your optional carburetor hole wherever on the melon, as long as it's not near the water.

We put the downstem and tube on top of the melon for this bong. We selected the side of the pineapple because the leaves on top are extremely decorative. In addition, the melon is considerably easier to pierce than the pineapple.

How to make an apple bong

Making an apple pipe may appear difficult, but with just a few easy steps, you'll be smoking cannabis from your own nutritious fruit in no time.

  1. Remove the apple stem, making sure to get all the way down to the base of the stem. Your bowl will be the divot in the apple.
  2. Make a hole in the apple's middle with your screwdriver or chopstick. One hole will serve as the mouthpiece's foundation, while the other will serve as the carb.
  3. Poke a few holes in the top of the apple with your toothpick, far enough apart to intersect with the hole you just created through the middle. This allows air to travel from the bowl to the mouthpiece while preventing the flower from falling through.
  4. Perform a test run by inhaling via the hole you've chosen as your mouthpiece to ensure appropriate airflow.
  5. Fill the apple's top with marijuana.
  6. As you burn the cannabis in the bowl, place your lips on the hole you've chosen to be your mouthpiece and cover the other hole with your free hand. 

How to make a coconut bong

Due to how hard and brittle coconuts are, coconut bongs may be one of the most difficult to construct. It is, however, the most sturdy and long-lasting of all the bongs; if made properly, you will have a bong for life. You won't be able to create the necessary holes without shattering the coconut's shell if you don't have a power drill.

  1. Using the power drill, carefully drill two holes: one in the centre and one somewhat off to the side. We're not going to construct a lid in this situation since the coconut will most likely crack.
  2. Pour the coconut water into a glass and strain off as much coconut as possible using the spoon handle. This might take some time.
  3. Fill the container halfway with coconut water.
  4. The downstem and bowl should go in the middle hole, while the tube should go in the side hole.
  5. Fill your bowl with marijuana and start smoking!

We recommend using coconut water since it adds a wonderful additional kick to your smoke, but you may also use bottled water if you want. If you knock the coconut against something, it may crack, which you won't discover until you attempt to fill it with water.  

How to make a pumpkin bong

You may construct your bong out of a variety of pumpkins, including common, American, and coniferous pumpkins, all of which are huge and simple to handle when it comes to making a giant bong. These bongs are also fantastic for wowing your pals on Halloween.

  1. You'll need to be very careful while cutting out a hole around the stem at the top of the pumpkin to construct the lid.
  2. Pull the lid off the pumpkin and start scooping out the contents with a spoon.
  3. Make two holes in the pumpkin's sides: one for the downstem and bowl, and one for the mouthpiece/tube. A third, optional hole for the carburetor can be drilled.
  4. Fill it halfway with water, making sure the downstem is somewhat submerged.
  5. Fill your bowl with your favorite marijuana or herbs and relax!

If you don't make a clean cut, you could wind up with wide gaps that make it difficult to inhale smoke. If this occurs, tape can be used to cover the holes.

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