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Pre Rolled Cones Zetla Brown Small De Luxe (800 Pcs)

Pre Rolled Cones Zetla Brown Small De Luxe (800 Pcs)

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Zetla Cones Brown Small De Luxe

Box with 800 pieces

Size: 98mm x 26mm

Zetla Paper made in France

Pre-Rolled Joint Cones assembled in Indonesia


Prefabricated conical sleeves
Zetla's prefabricated conical sleeves are made from ultra-thin hemp paper. The glue is only 0.5 mm wide, therefore almost tasteless and burn evenly! It's pretty simple to use: just fill up the cone and enjoy!

The length of the cone is approx.: 98 mm and the filter is approx. 26 mm (built into sleeve).

Natural taste experience
Zetla Cones are perfectly twisted and handmade from natural hemp paper. The pre-rolled conical sleeves are subject to strict quality control to ensure that each sleeve arrives in perfect condition.

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