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3 steps away from a perfect joint

How do you roll a perfect joint?

Rolling a joint seems easy, but how does that work? That will all be explained as you read on. There are three steps to rolling a perfect joint.

What exactly do you need to make a joint?

perfect joint with ashtray Make a joint in 3 steps

1. Create the right mix of ingredients

Crumble some weed onto a clean surface. Use a grinder to grind the weed more easily, if the weed is still damp. Remove the tobacco from a cigarette and mix it through the weed. You can also opt for a spice mixture, but that is entirely up to you. Divide it in half for the best taste.

2. Prepare the joint with rolling paper and tip

Preferably use long rolling papers, these could be thin, white brown or hemp paper. Also, you can choose from different sizes, the largest size paper helps a little more when rolling the joint.

Start your preparation and lay the paper down with the adhesive edge facing up. For the strength of the joint and to prevent burning your lips, you also need a tip. Fold a small step on one side of the tip. Then roll up the tip completely. A piece of paper from your cigarette box could also help as a tip.

3. Roll the joint

When the whole mixture is evenly distributed, moisten the glue edge with your tongue. Press the adhesive edge to seal the joint properly. Now that the joint is ready, place it upright on the table and tap it with the tip a few more times; to get the mix evenly distributed at the bottom. At the end of the joint you can press the mix well with the filter side of a cigarette. Is everything in the right place now? Then you close the end of the rolling paper at the top. Then you can light it with the lighter and enjoy your joint.

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That was one way of rolling a joint, because you can also roll it inside out.

rolling joint

That is explained from here. The intention of this method is to 'ingest' less of the rolling paper while smoking. You then start with the adhesive edge at the bottom and turned over, so that you face the surface. Press the folding side of the rolling paper well, so that the ingredients stay in place. Once you start rolling with the mix. Notice that the adhesive edge is now facing you again, but at the bottom. Once the joint has been rolled tightly, wet the adhesive edge on the outside (not the adhesive edge itself) to seal the joint. Press the adhesive edge well. Put the joint aside to let the sticky edge dry. Then light it up or wait till is completely dried, make a tight fold from the excess paper and tear this part off.


You can assemble a joint in different ways as you have seen. It depends on what you’ve got home to roll a perfect joint and whether you are a bit handy. Also, there is a joint roller that could be simplify rolling. It depends a bit on what you prefer.

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