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Hookah Shisha ( ABK-16-MST )

Hookah Shisha ( ABK-16-MST )

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Hookah Shisha (ABK-16-MST) is of good quality. The Hookah is made of polished stainless material and the vase of clear heavy glass. The hookah is 50 cm high and the vase 18 cm wide. The hookah comes with a head bowl, pliers and a 1.80 m long hose. The hookah can of course be taken apart and consists of parts. Very handy for taking with you and for cleaning. That is why you are guaranteed a good quality hookah. 

The shishas can be easily washed due to each part can be easily unplugged from each other. It has an advantage during the maintenance of the water pipe and also contributes to the quality per smoking session. Diverse models range from cheap shishas to more luxury expensive ones. In addition to all the advantages, the different models come with a washable silicone hose. The silicone hoses are suitable for smoking several different flavours. Do you want to expand the shisha with multiple hoses? With an extra hose connection you can enjoy a delicious water pipe with your friends. Would you like more advice about the different water pipes or do you need help with the right choice of water pipe? Do not hesitate and contact one of our specialists! We will help you choose the right water pipe!

The hookahs are made of high-quality materials to ensures that the smoke goes through smoothly as possible. Also, it prevents the smoke from accumulating which could lead to unpleasant cough and itchy throat. This way you get the fullest flavor and deepest aroma from the shisha. A unique click system ensures that you can combine different parts to each other with one click.

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